Junior Designers

Evelyn Bonilla, Silvana Contreras, and Ellie Fox

Evelyn Bonilla
Tell us about your experience:
Inclusivity to me means including everyone’s needs and desires in your product offerings. I believe it is important to put yourself in the shoes of the user. My model's disability is Pulsatile tinnitus, which creates a loud roaring sound in her left ear which leads to migraines and happens when she is constantly active. As far as the design of the garment, my model did not express what she specifically desired. The garment my group and I chose for our model is a jumpsuit with a head scarf. We came together with the idea of a jumpsuit, due to it being comfortable and flattering to different body types. The headscarf came to mind with helping protect the models ears by blocking out painful noise. For example, if the model were to go for a walk and wear herself out, wrapping the scarf around her ears can give comfort to the roaring sound as well as decreasing the chance of obtaining a migraine. Overall, the head scarf is meant for the model to feel comfortable and protected as possible.
Tell us about your experience:

As a junior designer, I have been working to design and create garments that better address the needs of my disability model, Eunice. My teammates and I found that a garment to drown out noise would reduce the migraines that Eunice’s tinnitus gave her. We designed a comfortable jumpsuit paired with a bucket hat that they believe will be versatile and will fit into any wardrobe. The bucket hat is padded over the ears for more insulation from excess noise.

 Because I am still learning to design clothing for myself, I love to sew a variety of garments (some that I may not ever end up wearing), from recreations of clothing I find in stores to inspiration I get from celebrities. I discovered my passion for apparel design after turning my sewing hobby into a career option in college. After putting in extensive time and patience, I've learned how to create pieces that I love and fit me well. Excited to pursue a career in sustainable fashion, I look towards working for an independent brand and acknowledge that the apparel industry is headed towards better environmental awareness. My ultimate dream would be to design a garment for Rico Nasty, who can pull off anything!

Silvana Contreras
Ellie Fox
Tell us about your experience:

Inclusivity, to me, means the integrating of those who are not represented in the apparel industry. Being active in the community helps to understand the needs of the everyday person by acknowledging what is lacking in the fashion industry. The designs for my group are tailored to be minimalistic, and not impede their lifestyle. It was a tad challenging to really understand the disability as we had to comprehend through research that was minimal. We needed a garment that was specific to our model’s disability, pulsatile tinnitus. We needed to understand the disability first to get a better idea of what we could work with. As we began our research, we learned that pulsatile tinnitus is an internal symptom in the ears that emits a rhythmic pulsing noise, similar to a heartbeat or whooshing sound that leads to migraines in regards to our model. The pulsing in the model's ears are particularly debilitating when her blood pressure rises. After brainstorming with my group, we realized that we need a garment that was easy to wear, non-constricting and comfortable. We liked the idea of one garment so we looked at dresses first but ultimately decided that instead of a dress that a jumpsuit would work better. It’s good for being on the move, and can be dressed down as casual, or dressed up as formal. This garment is easy to wear and comfortable. Since we knew that her ears were primarily affected by pulsatile tinnitus, we decided to make a hat to cover her ears and drown out noises that could further aggravate her migraines.