Junior Designers 
Noah Pacaldo & Jet Bond
Noah Pacaldo
Tell us about your experience:
The brief experience I got with my model was really great. The only time we met was when I took her measurements, but you could tell that she was very excited to get involved with the show which makes me sad that we couldn’t follow through with the project. She walked with a cane. She was very open to ideas and gave us full creative leeway. So, all in all, for the brief time we spent together, everything went very smooth. I've always been into style, clothes, and collecting.  Vintage pieces and Rei Kawakubo inspire me. I'm currently into creating more basic pieces but it can definitely develop artistically into wearable art or couture.
Tell us about your experience:
Although our time working with Alex was unfortunately cut short, it was a great experience while it lasted.  She is very open-minded, and easy-going, so the creative part of the project came real naturally. It's not often I get to design for others, so I felt inspired by the chance to solve some of her problems.  The ways in which Alex differs from everyone else in the world is the sole reason for the unique nature of each design.  As soon as things return to normal I plan to bring the illustrations to life for Alex, whether it's part of a future project or not.  My inspiration for this project was using construction to make clothes that help Alex. I was also inspired by the old French style homes – beach, wet, green and rust colors. My dad designs shoes; I grew up around art and design. I've liked making art from young age. I used to put art on clothes then I evolved my craft into making clothes into something useful. I'm trying to make a puffer jacket that has a backpack behind it or pants that are waterproof. I am inspired to have clothes that are climate functional, specifically towards extreme weather conditions. I would say my defining moment in my fashion career was when I hurt my shoulder playing professional baseball. Since I hurt my shoulder, it forced me to focus on something else, fashion.
Jet Bond