Junior Designers 
Carroll Houston & Pamela Cruz
Carroll Houston
Tell us about your experience:

My model was born with Spina Bifida, a condition that affects her spine and her gait. She wears a leg brace and uses crutches in order to have mobility. During the design process she stated she would like semi-fitted clothing that covers her leg brace and can wear to outings or special occasions. Design-wise, it is important that she wear clothing that allows for unencumbered movement. Fabrics with a drape such as silk could be used to make a bodice, but not for pants. Draped fabrics used for pants could cause her to trip or impede her movement. I would like to design clothing that is semi-fitted; not too billowy or too structured. I believe a dress that is hemmed to her specifications or tailored pants with a loose top would be ideal for her lifestyle and comply with her requests.

This is the mood board that my partner and I put together. We were thinking of modern, geometric shapes and patterns. Due to our model’s disability, we thought it was best for something more structured at the bottom and flowy on top. We decided something more structured at the bottom so she won't be worried about stepping on the clothing.
Tell us about your experience:
I was influenced greatly to become a fashion designer through my mother. She's a seamstress and since I was a kid we would work together to create my costumes for Halloween, school shows, or any other special occasion. This ultimately translated to creating and adjusting clothing for concerts and festivals that I would attend, putting together a couple of outfits that showed my different subject positions.I personally get inspired by people. Working with a person to understand how they want to communicate who they are and how they feel through clothing and making them feel more confident is my main goal. I tried to keep that in mind when designing for our model, Kia.
Pamela Cruz