Junior Designers 
Samantha Pedraza & Daniel Contreras
Tell us about your experience:
Working together with my model for this design was an eye-opening experience. As many of us are aware, there is a need in the fashion industry to make garments accessible and comfortable to anyone regardless of size, age, and gender, but I had never stopped to consider the lack of inclusivity in regards to those with disabilities. Through speaking with my model I realized how difficult it is for most wheelchair users to find pants in a style they want that also accounts for their disability. A few of the challenges my model faced while shopping for pants were uncomfortable back pockets, waistbands that rode down throughout the day as well as not being easy to dress into. While keeping the look of classic denim jeans, we excluded back pockets and added a drawstring waistband with belt loops and an elastic back.
Samantha Pedraza
Tell us about your experience:
I am very grateful for the experience in designing a garment that would be useful and very helpful in someone’s everyday life. This experience was eye-opening, especially on how certain additions like loops or elastic could be aesthetically pleasing and useful at the same time. Teaming up with my partner, Samantha, was the best because we came together on ideas of how we can make this piece hit home for our model, Raymond. He mentioned that he really enjoys the company of sheep, cattle, and goats so we had an idea of painting on our fabric. Due to COVID-19, however, we were not able to meet him in person, but we were able to facetime him with his mom. They were both extremely kind and helpful in discussing what Raymond enjoyed in terms of his activities, interests, and what would be helpful to both him and his mom as she helps with dressing him. She mentioned some styles of clothing that were easy for him to wear like stretch material or joggers, so we tried to incorporate this into the style of pants we were creating.  Overall, we appreciated this experience of collaborating on ideas that would be suitable for both Raymond and his mother.
Daniel Contreras