Junior Designers
Keen Mai & Chloe Brunton 
Keen Mai
Tell us about your experience:
Due to the epidemic of COVID-19, we have a challenge in model fitting and other situations that require a physical appearance. However, we will be facing more challenges in the future, and the epidemic just one of the impacts. The challenges remind one important thing, be prepare for any things that are unusual.
Tell us about your experience:
My biggest inspiration for my designs is minimalism. Because our industry can be very wasteful and bad for the environment, I love the idea of giving someone a piece that they can wear for years. As a designer, I feel like fashion truly has an impact on the world. In every decade, fashion adapts to fit the events going on around it. It can also be used to express different feelings and climates.Some challenges i have faced from creating this design for my model are the current global pandemic that is occurring as we speak. It has disabled us from being able to take our model's measurements, hold fittings, and create the piece itself.
Chloe Brunton