Junior Designers 
Ros Lei & Elizabeth Vega
Ros Lei
Elizabeth Vega
Tell us about your experience:
This project has been a roller coaster throughout. Thrown into it headfirst, our imaginations went wild thinking of designs for potential models. Then, we were assigned Alan Fisk, a disabilities specialist at the DPRC on campus who is a Quad Amputee. His office, like his personal style, is utilitarian. His dress choice relies on what works best with his prosthetic limbs. He explained that when he usually buys clothing his size, the sleeves come down over his prosthetics and get in the way. As a result, he requested a jacket with cropped sleeves that would fit him well, including on his prosthetics.
It turns out our designer group is a match made in heaven. We share many things in common, including our vision for Alan’s jacket. We both like the idea of pushing utility through multiple pockets and making a multi-purpose garment. We both thought separately on where and how Alan would wear his jacket. Ultimately, Ros came up with the idea of making the jacket convertible, an idea we are still playing with. They demonstrated by making a small-scale muslin prototype clarify their ideas and serve as visual aid.
As the project progressed, we found ourselves assigned to a second model, Ivan Hernandez, a Spanish communications student at SFSU who has cerebral palsy. For Ivan, we worked with our instructor Nancy Martin who created his mood boards. Because he was assigned to us later, we were able to focus on full body designs that focused on stylish and comfy athleisure, as well as making full display of his personally designed logo. His logo comes from his photography company, a passion in which he photographs aspects of the lowrider culture. Due to how his disability does not impact his comfort in off-the-rack clothes, our designs for him focus on bringing out his personality. The only technical design aspect we had to take into consideration was removing back pants pockets and crotch seam. Overall, this has been a good experience, as it has given us insight into what it’s like to work with and understand clients’ needs. We will be looking forward to doing this again next spring as seniors.
Meet the Model: Alan Fisk
Junior designers Elizabeth Vega and Ros Lei also worked with another model from the DPRC, Ivan Hernandez. They were inspired to create these mood boards and sketches for him.