Junior Designers 
Haja Muhammad & Valerie Arriola
All my life I’ve always been interested in fashion. Since I was a little girl I had my own $20 sewing machine and be-dazzler to make outfits for my dolls. So when I grew older it was no question that I was going to school for apparel design. For me fashion design is more than just garment design, rather I believe that it's about making a statement, representation and staying true to who you are.
Haja Muhammad
Tell us about your experience:
Going into this project I was/am very excited but also nervous as well. Not only were we designing for someone else but also had to think of how it would function to suit our model’s disability. Our model suffers from internal disabilities, they have anxiety and depression. They also identify as genderfluid, and transgender which we incorporated into our designs. My idea for the garment was to create a design that was suitable to their needs and aesthetic. So, something that was very fluid while also multi-functional. The only compressional items would be the corset and tights which I wanted to be made out of Breathable and thermal fabric. Doing so is supposed to reduce stress and anxiety due to its pressure sensation effect. It basically will create a soothing feeling of being hugged or held. This can lead to feelings of security, which in turn reduces stress and anxiety. Overall, I want this look to give our model the ability to be empowered, comfortable and confident.
Since I was young I’ve always had a passion for fashion and as I grew older I developed a new passion for recycling, going green, and encouraging sustainable/ eco-friendly practices. When I came to college and chose to major in Apparel Design I knew I wanted to be a part of the change we’re seeing in the fashion industry today and help shift the industry to a more sustainable state where it helps the planet rather than harming it. 
Valerie Arriola
Tell us about your experience:
I was happy to take part in a project that designs for those who aren’t always considered, because they deserve garments that meet their needs and they feel confident in. For this design project I was super nervous at the beginning of the semester because I had never designed something for someone before, and I didn’t know if I would be able to deliver what they wanted. However, as we began the project and I got to know more about our model I was instantly flooded with ideas and I became super excited to sketch what I had in mind. Our model was super easy to work with and they were very open and understanding of our design process that it made the whole project really exciting to work on. 
Working on this project has been a great and eye-opening experience for me. Designing for disabilities gives another perspective to the garment process. I personally think it's better because it gives us the opportunity to think outside of the box, rather what's the “norm”. There are so many ways that people with disabilities adapt their clothing to be more functional for themselves than I realized. I think it's important that the fashion industry takes inclusivity into more consideration. It would really give us a different outlook on how garments are made,and make it better than it already is.
- Haja Muhammad

I think there are many aspects about the industry that can be improved so I’m excited to see where the future of design takes us all. I think it is important for the industry to also be as inclusive as possible, and that means designing and creating garments for people of different shapes, sizes, and those with disabilities.

- Valeria Arriola

Meet the Model:Ros Lei

Tell us about your experience:

Hi, my name is Ros (they/them) and I am one of the models and designers for Runway 2020 Euphoria’s Disability Project. As both a designer and a model, my designers are also my classmates and friends, which makes sharing our ideas about design a very easy and comfortable experience. I am very happy to have worked with Haja and Val on bringing a visible representation of my invisible disabilities to life. As designers, we were able to deeply discuss technicalities of the design as well as incorporate my ideas and identity into the finished products. I requested that we also give voice to another part of my identity, my genderfluidity, because that is my eye of the storm within my whirlwind of anxiety and depression. Though I understand that this project is to be designed around my disabilities, I think it is important to capture the full imagery of my storm, which means both the negative and the positive experiences.

Both Haja and Valerie have created wonderful designs that excellently portray these ideas, and I am so appreciative for their love and understanding in their designs. I have been truly blessed to have them as my designers. And though the pandemic has made the show difficult to work though considering my struggles, it has been a very fun experience overall. I am looking forward to doing this again next year!

"My gender is within my foundation, my keystone, and it is what gets me through my disabilities, it is my strength."