Junior Designers 
Misty Deguzman & Rachel Suen

Tell us about your experience: 

My favorite part of being a fashion designer is being able to think of something that I find aesthetically pleasing and be able to create it, so that the public and I could show off and wear it confidently and comfortably. It makes me happy to be able to be both creative and constructive. The juniors collaboratively taking part in the show is a good way for us to get our feet wet and have a better understanding for what’s to come when we are seniors. Our model, Isobel, likes to make an entrance with her flamboyant style, so Rachel and I made a garment that does just that–we made a garment for her with her favorite things. The outfit as a whole definitely makes a statement; however it is also able to be worn more casually with the shorts and shirt able to be worn without the skirt and the skirt doubles as a cape coat. Sensewear inspired me to make simple adjustments to the garment in order to accommodate Isobel’s disabilities, ADHD and autism. The entire time working with Isobel has been so positive, Isobel, Rachel, and I immediately clicked which made working together feel so natural. I admire that despite her disabilities, Isobel is not afraid to have all eyes on her which gave us a lot of creative control; we never felt that we were being “too extra” when designing.

Misty Deguzman

Tell us about your experience: 

I love how hands-on being a fashion designer is, and to be able to bring a sketch to life is both exciting and challenging. I was very excited to design for my first ever runway show-it’s amazing to think how much I have grown since beginning my major with the ADM program this past fall and to now be designing pieces that will be showcased publicly. I was inspired to make a piece that was influenced by Hans Christian Anderson and Brothers Grimm’s fairytale stories while also incorporating the styles of vintage and Lolita fashion. Our model Isobel who has high- functioning autism and ADHD requested for a piece that could be worn to both a formal or casual event, and we came up with the idea of a multi-functional garment that could be worn several ways. Upon meeting Isobel, I loved that she had her own style and aesthetic, which enabled us to have a clearer vision as to what we wanted to design for her. The Junior Disability Project is so unique to me and sends a positive message about inclusion within fashion. In addition, the runway show provides great experience for my portfolio and gives a glimpse of what I could be doing as a career in the future.

Rachel Suen
Meet the Model:
Isobel Nohavitza

Tell us about your experience: 

I’m currently a first-year undergraduate student at SFSU, majoring in Political Science. I’ve always had a great love of fashion, and the opportunity to watch the process was priceless. Fashion shows seemed like a fantastic opportunity to immerse myself in a different form of fashion. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked in, so it really put my nerves at ease when I met Rachel and Misty! Once we sat down and started talking, it felt like we just clicked. We can chat outside of the project, which has been nice. Rachel and Misty have been on top of their work and have adjusted to the online format well, and we’ve maintained a steady communication through text. Overall, working with them has been the most wonderful part of the project.

"I consider myself to be an eternal student, always trying to learn and grow from my surroundings and the people I meet."