Junior Designers

Arbell Obosa, Kelly Rivera, and Sarah Shahbaz

Arbell Obosa
Tell us about your experience:
I was born in the Philippines and migrated to America at the age of seven. Becoming a designer was purely inspired by watching anime. After attending many anime conventions and sewing all of my costumes, I wanted to enhance and learn an abundance of techniques to make clothing for myself and for people who will love my work. Working with Dr. Hernandez was a big stepping stone for me because it gave me real-word experience of having a client. You must not only understand how to take their measurements, but also listen to what they want and is the most accommodating to their body. Both Dr. Hernandez and my team were devastated about the show being canceled and missing the opportunity to collaborate on a garment that pushes boundaries creatively and functionally.  I am excited about the transition to a platform online to keep us moving forward.
Kelly Rivera 
Tell us about your experience:
I am a transfer student from Cañada College in Redwood City, California, and it is my first year at San Francisco State. Inspired by award shows such as the Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild, and the Oscars, I wanted to become a fashion designer. I developed more sewing and pattern making skills. Working with Dr. Hernandez was an exciting experience that I hope to continue practicing with other people because it demonstrates what to expect when it comes to measuring different clients and writing down the correct measurements. I also learned that anyone with disabilities shouldn't be afraid of getting out of the shadows and having the confidence to show off garments of their desires from designers. Lastly, my experience with Dr. Hernandez had me reflect that size shouldn’t matter to women of all sizes and disabilities because all are women are beautiful and equal in every way.
Sarah Shahbaz
Tell us about your experience:
Dr. Michelle Hernandez is a national disability advocate, inspirational public speaker and model. She was the winner of Ms. Wheelchair Western USA 2016. It was amazing to hear she already had runway experience. It was important for me that we worked together to create a garment that she would love, that would radiate her beauty and she would be comfortable in. Dr. Hernandez was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, she uses a wheelchair and has limited range of movement in her arms. For the fit, our group decided that a two piece garment with magnetic buttons down the back would be ideal for easy fitting and accessibility. For the design, Dr. Hernandez wanted to incorporate her Puerto Rican and Mexican culture into the garment. Both cultures integrate the use of vivid colors, flowers, and embroidery that I wanted to use in my design. As well as her favorite color pink. Talking to Dr. Hernandez was really an eye opening experience that exposed me to a lack of adaptive clothing in the fashion industry. I definitely would be interested in creating this garment in the future.