Junior Designers
Arielle David & Isabelle Santiago 
Arielle David
Tell us about your experience:
My inspiration to major in apparel design comes from my mother. I grew up watching her tailor garments and create her own pants; I thought to myself how exciting everything was and knew I had to learn for myself when I got older. My fashion inspiration is Weylie Hoang, co-founder of the sustainable brand WOMN. I adore her neutral color palette and minimal-chic style. In the future, my goal is to work for (or even create my own) a company, like WOMN, that primarily focuses on sustainable clothing, helping the environment, and changing the game in fashion.
Tell us about your experience:
My name is Bella Santiago and I first started designing in middle school. I have been interested in clothes since I was three, and I have always been passionate about fashion. My aunt used to take me back to school shopping as a kid and she let me pick out whatever I wanted as long as I really loved it. Fashion has always inspired me. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed my own style in both my personal wardrobe and in my designs. Fashion gives me confidence. It lets me express who I am in a way that nothing else can. For me, fashion is freeing and my goal in designing is to give everyone the power to feel confident, powerful, and unique no matter who you are.
Isabelle Santiago
Our Model, Duran is a ballet dancer who often wears tight fitting garments. However, because of his ADHD, he prefers simple, looser fitting garments. He also likes clothing that won’t distract him. To accommodate his disability, we chose to create a simple and loose t-shirt with a comfortable neckline and short sleeves. Duran was interested in bold and bright colors and 90’s inspired shirts. When we met, we asked him to wear something he liked and felt comfortable in. He wore a very loose fitting multi color striped shirt. In order to accommodate his own personal style, we decided to design a color blocked t-shirt with bold colors. One thing he talked about was the tattoo he has on his hand of his Mayan sign, a symbol unique to him. We had an idea to recreate this representation of Duran in the garment by embroidering it into the front of the t-shirt.
- Isabelle Santiago
Description of Design:
Duran has ADHD and specifically asked us to create a garment that was loose-fitting. He does ballet and the tight, form-fitting clothes he wears constantly to dance makes him feel restricted. We chose to develop an oversized t-shirt made from cotton fabric to provide comfort and movement. The t-shirt would have short sleeves to let his arms feel free. Duran’s everyday fashion is inspired by the 90s and he loves to wear bright, bold colors but nothing too flashy such as mixed matched floral patterns. We wanted to make the t-shirt modern by using a black and white color block design. We also wanted to include the embroidery of Duran’s tattoo. Everyone has a Mayan symbol dedicated to their birthday with a specific animal. Duran has a Mayan jaguar symbol tattooed on his hand that represents power, ferocity, valor, and power to face one's fears.
-Arielle David