Junior Designers 
Logan Bonner & Itzcoatl Friaz
Logan Bonner
Tell us about your experience:
Creating a garment that would fit the needs of someone seemed like an impossible task at first, but after meeting with the model it was something that I was looking forward to. My partner and myself met with our model to discuss what garment we would make and what was needed so that it would fit their needs. During the meeting we discussed a vest as well as the many details that would allow for ease of use for him. The vest was designed based off of his interest in nature and a need for a garment that can be worn at all times. He wanted a vest that could be casual and also more formal depending on the day. The vest I designed was inspired by vintage Carhartt vests, as well as more modern silhouettes. It features contrast stitching and a key ring zipper for ease of use. It also has a ribbed neck collar and is lined with fleece for extra warmth. A scarf was also wanted, so a simple matching one made from the same fleece as the vest was designed. Everything comes together to make a very simple vest with details that accommodate the needs requested. I had a great experience with the project and enjoyed creating a garment for someone else. Working with my model I learned that the details of a garment do not only add to the visual aspect, but also the functionality. I was nervous for the project in the beginning but learned many things from the process and really enjoyed it overall.
Itzcoatl Friaz
Tell us about your experience:
I was really nervous leading up to this project as the semester went by. I thought, “I’ve only been here one semester, how am I supposed to design something for somebody?!” However, as the project came and went, I’ve learned so many things and I’m thankful for this opportunity. Upon meeting our model Pete, it all began to piece together as we spoke to him as everything he was saying that he liked and would or wouldn’t wear began to solve the puzzle in my mind of how we were going to design something for him. It was like every piece of information was making it all possible for me to actually do this project, one that I was so nervous for. I had a great experience with this project, and feel ready to actually carry something from the concept stage to the finished project