Junior Designers 
Lucy Hang & Janeth Lacave-Cardenas
Tell us about your experience:
I had a wonderful experience creating this personalized look for my model Nader. My perception of Nader based on our first initial meeting was that he is a simplistic man, who does not want to be perceived only by his disability but rather be able to define his own ability and limits. Thus, when it came down to decide on fabric and materials used for the hoodie garment, my partner Janeth and I chose to develop a rather regular hoodie that would be made from a cotton/polyester blend with a soft lining fleece on the inside for warmth, in order to allow Nader to feel most comfortable internally and externally. However, to be able to provide for the more adaptable/accessible needs of Nader, we also decided to add reflective trimming to the hoodie ties and create a detachable snapped sleeve that would be provided in 4 different colors of his choice. Nader also wanted to add the words "Able" and "Faith" to the design, which would have been easily created with printmaking kits. Although we were not able to create the garment because of the unfortunate circumstances of COVID-19, I believe that it would have been an exceptional piece that would loudly speak Nader’s truth. Overall, my first time being able to design for someone else through this project, is considerably one of the best highlights for this school year.
Lucy Hang
Janeth Lacave-Cardenas
Tell us about your experience:

Working with Nader was a pleasure. He is a film major and is eager to show the whole world that he is completely able to do anything he puts his mind to. He inspired me to follow my dreams and not to give up based on misconceptions that society can have based on physical appearances. 

Nader wanted a comfortable hoodie that made a statement and showed others that he is able to do anything and everything. He also needed something that is easy to put on and take off, and he wanted something that is warm as he gets cold easily. This design showcases a warm hoodie that has front pockets and a zipper running on the front. It also has 3/4 sleeves, and interchangeable sleeve extensions. It has reflective accents to help him be visible if he chose to go out when it is dark outside.

Meet the Model:
Nader Bahu
Tell us about your experience:
I am a disabled filmmaker and a Super Smash Bros. competitor. I have made many films on my phone and some of them have won awards internationally. My film Outcast is my most known and awarded film. I want to be a model in the Runway 2020 show because I loved the experience last year. I struggle with self acceptance due to being disabled and alone all the time. I want to accept myself more and see my worth as a person. I feel if I can express myself through fashion then I will accept myself better. I never was interested in being a model because I am a shy guy and I do not consider myself as a good looking dude. I started doing it last year because I wanted to get out of my shell and love myself more. The interest of modeling was very recent for me. It was very nice and enjoyable. They gave me ideas that I really liked and I wish they could have made the clothing, but I know it is not in their control. I love exchanging ideas and they made it very easy to contact them. 

Representation matters because many people in society look at modeling for specific types of people, and I admit I am one of them. I feel it is hard to accept yourself in a society that looks at beauty one sided. I definitely saw it in one way, so maybe it did affect how I felt about modeling. Fashion shouldn’t be specific and it should be more expressive. That is what I learned from last year’s show.