Mindy Lam


Creative Story:

A young woman is in the need of opening herself to the world. She represents a flower bulb that is not wanting to bloom. Therefore, she thought to herself, what is freedom like, what does happiness feel inside. One day she went on a stroll to the park to help calm her head and empty the mind, as if she does not already. During her stroll she found a tree, all dry with no flowers and no life coming out. In a way, that young woman and that tree has some kind of representation or similarities with one another. Once they connect, they connect as if they are meant to be with each other. Because of that, the young woman is starting to have a sense of happiness within the soul. 

One day the young woman went back to the tree and start to nurture it. She gave it water, support, and care that way it can come to life. Few days later, the young woman found a bulb on one of the branches. Once she saws it, she was filled with excitement and joy as if fireworks are coming out. The bulb is the representation of life, meaning there is a purpose there is a meaning of life and that everyone can gain happiness. After a few days, that bulb became a flower, and the young woman notice what bloom out was a cherry blossom.

The cherry blossom represents life, hope, and willingness to grow. After seeing the tree starting to bloom, the young woman has the feeling of motivation and also within herself. The connection between the two has gave each other the purpose of life and happiness. Is it a requirement or a feeling? Is it for we want to have it for ourselves or an element in order to make that feeling? 

Later on the months, with care and love, the dead tree as the young woman known came to life. It became a beautiful cherry blossom tree. All of a sudden the dark clouds blew away and out came the rays from the sun shining out    

My inspiration comes from the walking around school and my local neighborhood. It was a nice day outside and decide to take a walk around my neighborhood. I even went to the park and saw many flower from the trees to the ground. What made me first thought of from the sunshine to the flowers made me thought of spring, and I am the type of person who LOVES flowers. Not only that, because I am very proud of my Asian culture, I decided to input that into my designs 


I want something bright and lively, so what better to start off with with color white for my designs. Also, to represent the colors of the cherry blossoms, the main threads I use are pink and brown. Also, I added green to represent the nature of spring since cherry blossoms bloom around that season.  


To start off, my mom is a seamstress so everyday at home I would see her sew many samples when I was young. She told me her story of how when she used to live in Thailand, she would sew to make a living since the age of 14. When she moved to the US, she would make a living, still sewing samples or doing alterations, downstairs at my house. So during my time at home, before I was able to go to school, I would help out my mom hanging clothes and buttoning up buttons. She used to sew samples for small businesses like Lemon Twist and Porto LLC. When it comes to my high school times, my mom helped me get more exposure of the fashion industry and what they do and honestly, it looked like a typical warehouse/ sweatshop. Now, how did all this all this made me want to become a fashion designer? After learning about what my mom had to go through and seeing the whole behind the scenes, I wanted to show my mom that I can be successful in the fashion industry and prove to her that the fashion industry is not all about sewing. Not only that, I have a passion of creating things and wanting to make things. So for me to be in the fashion field, it gives me the opportunity to do so, and having to make a design wearable is a like a bonus for me. So this is why I want to become a fashion designer, to make a difference, having a passion, and a heart of making lots of creations.


My favorite designer is Jessica McClintock because I am fascinated by the looks of formal wear and bridals and her designs are simple but also wow me. It is like saying “A picture comes in a million words”, her designs have a million words and that’s why she is my favorite designer. There is nobody I look up to other than my mom. Having to go through the struggles of having to work many hours sewing samples, no famous designer can ever convince me how much mom inspires me in the fashion industry.


I am personally inspired by latest trends and techniques that is happening in the fashion industry. Majority of the information I’ve heard coming from the fashion industry is sustainability and technology. But because of the COVID 19 situation, the fashion industry is thinking about making masks for the healthcare workers and front liners. So Ive learned many techniques and types of masks to sew during the time of this pandemic.


Just go for it. If you love to create something and have something to represent, do it! Don’t let anyone tell you to not do something you want to do because you don’t need their permission for something you have a passion for. Make the world lively and with meaning by showing your designs. Overall, if you like to design, go for your dreams. It will pay off. 


I think the fashion industry is heading more into the technology and sustainability because one, technology is rising, and two, we try to make fashion that is safe for the environment since normal fabric making is dangerous for the environment and to not create a lot of waste.  


I first want to be an assistant designer to get more experience in the fashion industry after I graduate. Once I get more familiar and experience in the fashion industry, I want to create my own brand and hopefully own an ecommerce company since in today’s society, everyone prefers online shopping and social media is on the rise.