ART: @hethtattoos 

PERSONAL: @Hethbeth2

Heather Apgar is a new and upcoming senior designer from San Francisco State University and has been working hard on her spring collection Grey Matter.  She has always had a love for fashion, as a young girl, she would sketch designs and sew numerous garments for herself and friends. She has been featured in many local fashion shows like FashionArt in Santa Cruz, and she has sold many of her garments online. She enjoys creating looks that can capture her unique vision through the illustration and the construction of the actual garment. She gets her design style and inspiration from designers like Nick Cave, who creates unique and fascinating silhouettes in his work. Her other biggest inspiration is tattooing. Heather does illustrative work as a tattoo artist on her Instagram account @hethtattoos.  Her experience tattooing greatly influences her fashion designs that focus on illustrative and neotraditional work and this has inspired her to create her senior collection Grey Matter.

Heather Apgar


Grey Matter

Bring Me Home by Whitechapel

That is why she created her line using neutral colors like greys and blacks that are commonly seen in artists’ tattoos and she used materials like canvas, twills, and jersey that she can easily draw her illustrations directly on the garments. Her first look is a men’s full length overcoat, paired with a slim trouser and knit tee. The idea of the surface design placement is to emulate a full back body suit tattoo and a forearm piece. The second look is a split side skirt and high-neck long-sleeve top. The art placement on the right arm and chest imitates a sleeve, and the design bordering the sides of the skirt reproduces two hip pieces. Both outfits have different variations of a harness bag that draws inspiration from the aprons that tattoo artists wear.

Creating this line was very important to Heather and as a senior designer, the fashion show is a great accomplishment where they can display their growth as a designer and demonstrate the knowledge they have learned in the Apparel and Merchandising program. The program has allowed her to grow creatively as a designer while learning more about the fundamentals of design like drafting, draping, fitting, and perfecting her seams and patterns. Perfecting these essential construction techniques really allowed her to be proud of how her finished garments look and that they now show the time and precision she put into them. Even though it continues to be a trying process that is made up of exhausting days and late nights, she said that it is all worth it once you see your final product and see the progress you have made. She wishes to use the knowledge she has learned here in the design program to further her career as a tattoo artist, and even eventually be a part of tattoo conventions and shows. She says, “I know that as long as I have art, I will be content.”

Concept Story

Timber has never been the type of person who leads with her words first. When she began her position at the New York Company Rooted, her characteristics manifested. She is: 

A woman with an overwhelming respect for hard work and diligence. 

A woman who lets her thoughts and emotions manifest in her work. 

A woman who strives to create something new each day, hopefully one better than the last. 

A woman who understands what it means to be her own strength and reinforces herself with motivation and aspirations. 

And a woman who won’t stop progressing no matter how far she has gotten. 


 Timber prefers to keep her head down and let her work speak for her.

This woman lives in the 21st century and therefor is well-acquainted with the restrictions that are already placed against her but is equipped with the stubbornness to ignore and surpass them. When this woman walks, people glance; she keeps her head down, encompassed with her own stream of consciousness. She finds joy in everyday things but finds fascination in presenting herself with no words but every action. The statements she creates are embedded in her work, formed within her shoes, and spilling from her fingertips. She wears something that conveys this all at once. 

She walks down the streets of New York with all the day’s tasks in her head. She does not have time to stop and tell her story- in fact, we’re lucky we’re even getting this much from her. She secretly hopes to be influential someday, but in a way that counts. Less concerned with Instagram, she tries to live day to day. On her way to work, this woman passes by a storefront, her normal color palette of greys and tans reflected in the clothing displays in the windows. She zones out while she walks, but not today. An oversized coat at the end of the display rack carries a silhouette that’s hard to find. It’s underwhelming color sharply juxtaposed by dark blacks, greys, and golds. There are no two of its kind. But it found a home with a woman as unique as it.

Dark Shadow

The intensity of a true black? Harsh and unforgiving. A mid-toned grey? Lacks power and depth. But Dark Shadow? A true middle ground with the perfect balance of fierceness and softness. This is the color you see when the lights are off and the TV is dim. This is the color you see in a healed tattoo. This is the color you see when you close your eyes.

Shifting Sand

One would call Shifting Sand a nude- but nudes come in every shade. It is the color of beaches and the color of a sleeping dog on the asphalt outside. This color is warm and comfortable; this is the color of the blanket you go home to, the color your half cream half coffee looks like.

Gilded Beige

Cooler toned than the average brown. Gilded Beige does not yell for attention. Instead it sticks around for you; it’s reliable. This is the tea stain on your favorite book that you can’t get off, but you wouldn’t want to. This is the eye-shadow you reach for as a base, because it compliments others without demanding to be looked at. Gilded beige will always be there for you, even when your favorite color changes.


Gardenia understands that your whites are impossible to keep white. It’s been there, in your washer, watching your reds bleed into your brand new white tube socks. Gardenia is not high maintenance, but you love it for how it makes you feel. It’s an everyday- and yet makes you feel dressed up for keeping it around.


Tiptoe is named wrong- it’s not a color you need to be careful around. It’s the color of your knee length coat- the only one you have that is actually effective in keeping you warm. This color is the spots on your dog, how his “white” fur looks against a white blanket. For such a lackluster color, this one brings you the most comfort.


Grey Matter