Catherine Micu


Angel of Desire

What was the inspiration for your collection?

My grandma’s huge collection of antique goods and furniture is what inspired my collection. Her house is filled with many beautiful treasures from the 60's and 70’s. Most of her belongings are delicate, dainty, and vintage, which I absolutely love. I learned that my grandma entered the workforce in 1970, which was when she began buying all the things she wanted. I found this to be inspirational as it shows how one can have the things they desire in life if they work for it. For my collection, I have taken most of my inspiration from her hand-crocheted goods, crystal-ware, and angel figurines. 


Why did you choose your color palette?

I chose my color palette of white and pale blue to accentuate the angelic theme. These colors are light and symbolically pure, which is perfect for showcasing my collection’s ethereal aesthetic.

Why did you became a designer? What inspired you?

I’ve been passionate about fashion ever since I was young. Growing up, my favorite activities were playing dress up, sketching fashion designs, and making outfits for dolls. Now, I find that self expression through fashion and art is one of the things I cherish most. Pursuing fashion design has definitely helped me become the most confident and creative version of myself.

Angel of Desire