Joy Moon 


Miss Whirlwind

Weather Superheros by Webbstyle

Joy Moon is senior designer studying at San Francisco State University. Growing up, she found great interest in fashion and always identified as an artsy person. Although fashion was her passion, she headed towards a different direction in beauty and worked in the beauty industry for ten years. Before entering into the world of fashion, she tried many different majors in hopes of finding the right career path, but it never seemed to suit her interest. A few years later after trial and error, she finally decided to go back to college and pursue her dreams. She enjoys the process of making things and admires the creative process of being a fashion designer. Although she is a busy mother with many responsibilities on her plate, being able to follow her dreams and study apparel design is very rewarding for her.

This collection means everything to her because she is able to express herself creatively and bring her ideas to life. Her inspiration to this collection holds a dear place to her heart because she was inspired by her three young children. She wanted to create something durable for people like her and her children who are always active and playing. With this property in mind, she wanted to incorporate the environment and use her love for storytelling to create something meaningful to her. These ideas gave her the inspiration to create a collection based on the supernatural and superheros. She created Miss WhirlWind, a superhero who has the ability to control the weather and play with fog, wind, and show.

The elements of fog, wind, and snow inspired her color story for the collection which consists of cool tone colors such as white, grey, and black. To add some pop of color she incorporated hues of pink, purple, and yellow

which also demonstrate women empowerment. 


Like many students who have to work remotely at home and finalize their senior collection independently, Joy found some challenges that she eventually learned how to overcome. Without the luxuries of a private institution and being quarantined under the shelter-in-place order, she found herself with limited resources and lacked physical guidance support. Although Joy, along with many other students, were confronted with similar barriers due to our new lifestyle, she was able to get past them and make her collection the best she could with the available resources. She is extremely proud and excited to present her senior collection because this allows her to showcase the skills and knowledge that she has gained throughout her experience in the ADM program.

Miss Whirlwind