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Emilio Perez


Edifici Moderni

What was the inspiration behind your color palette?

A Television screen. Additive primary colors of light are red, blue, and green (RGB) while subtractive colors of pigment are cyan, yellow, magenta, and black (CYMK). RGB colors along with the make-ups of classic formal wear, a white tint and black shade is what I originally chose for the collection.

What was the inspiration for your collection?

Creating a modern approach to formal wear.

What made you want to be a fashion designer?

I knew that Design was the only subject that could get me through school because I was passionate about it. After realizing how I’ve always learned from apparel through skateboarding, music, location, and time periods I wanted to make it my priority.

Did you grow up in a fashion household?

My mother was an artificial florist and my father is a locksmith. Subconsciously you pick up creativity and craftsmanship. A sense, desire, and respect for art and computation through a physical medium that can be seen lead me to apparel design. 

Edifici Moderni