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PERSONAL: @vile.honey 

Katy Wong



Senior designer and Bay Area native, Katy Wong knew that she loved fashion and creating her own designs from a young age. From sewing her own Halloween costumes in middle school and tie-dyeing clothes for her classmates in high school, Katy was always destined to be involved in the fashion industry. Upon going to San Francisco State, she realized her love for design could be turned into more than just a fun hobby and into her future career. Katy’s personal style is largely inspired by rock and metal music, citing artists like Marilyn Manson and Taylor Momsen as her style icons. Katy’s collection, Heavencore, is inspired by the heavy metal band, Slipknot, and Spanish Romantic era painter, Francisco Goya. In her collection she will be combining contrasting elements like soft lilac silks with black pleather and silver hardware to create a soft but edgy aesthetic.

What made you want to be a fashion designer?

I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer ever since I was in elementary school but I never grew up in a creative environment to push my motives to become one. In middle school, I would DIY my halloween costumes and in my junior year of high school, I would make tie-dye shirts and sell them. All of my work was seen as a “hobby” and no one would take me seriously when I expressed that I wanted to go to school for fashion. I entered SFSU as a history major but what motivated me to change my major to design was when i was working at Levi’s. I would meet people from corporations and it inspired me that there are jobs out there to design clothing for companies.

How has your design experience been like at SF State?

It’s been fun although I wish we had resources like other schools but I’m grateful for all the techniques and skills I’ve learned. Draping and Photoshop was so exciting to me because it let me express myself and I use it till this day. Since this was a major I really wanted to go to school for, coming to class everyday was  exhilarating because I was learning new things. 

Who are your favorite designers?/Is there anyone you look up to in the fashion industry?

My favorite designers are Alexander Wang, Creepyyeha, and Zana Bayne. I look up to Alexander Wang because he’s an Asian person born in San Francisco like me. He started his work very young and his designs are very different from what you usually see while being “wearable.” I feel like I can relate to him especially his dark intriguing designs.