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Maitreyee Dhodapkar



Dance of the Fairy Folk.m

Fantasy & World Music by the Fiechters

What was the inspiration for your collection?

I love fairytale and fantasy stories and it inspired me to create a collection that showcased my perception of fairytales. I focused on using my favorite pastel colors, adding floral appliques and creating long flowy capes for each outfit to really showcase my fairytale concept. 


What was the inspiration behind your color palette?

My color palette consists of my favorite pastel colors that all remind me of fairytales. When I was first thinking about what colors I wanted to use for my collection I was debating if I should go with pastel colors or dark colors such as dark blue, green, and black. And the reason I was debating between these two color palettes is that when I think of the words “Fairytale” or “Fantasy” I think of 2 different sides. One, using all bright colors, having beautiful flowers, and in general just princesses frolicking around. The other side is more mysterious and magical with a sense of earthiness. I would have honestly loved to work with either color palettes for this collection and concept but the main reason I decided to choose the pastel palette is that these colors make me feel carefree and ecstatic. And this is exactly what I wanted the audience to feel through my designs. I wanted them to feel my positive and cheery vibes.

What made you want to be a fashion designer?

I had this dream to be a fashion designer ever since elementary school. I was really into Japanese culture and fashion growing up and that’s what really got me interested in fashion. I love that Japan had so many creative styles and it inspired me to become a fashion designer. I also had very supportive parents who let me follow my dreams of becoming a fashion designer.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

In 10 years, I hope I’ll have my own successful brand and maybe I’ll even be living in Japan for a couple of years! 

If you can tell your past-self any advice for your future, what would it be?

 Don’t let fear stop you from showing your true potential and to be more confident in yourself.  : )

Any advice for aspiring fashion designers?

My advice to aspiring fashion designers is that to think of ways you can help the fashion industry grow in a more positive direction. As fashion designers we should use our passion for fashion to help the world!