Paola Espinosa 


RETRO WAVE - 80s Music in Fl Studio _ 80

My collection was inspired by my mom and her love for pearls. At a young age, she came to the U.S to work and help her family. She didn't have much and for a long time her priority was to care for her siblings, she worked so that they could have a home, food on the table and for her disabled brothers to get the proper care they deserved. When she was finally able to live truly for herself, she found that she cherishes more the luxuries that she was able to get on her own. To her, pearls signified a strong and successful woman and now that she can buy them for herself, she rarely wears them because they symbolize how far she's come. My collection is not only inspired and dedicated to my mom but also to all the women who are pursuing their dreams in a world that is not always so kind to us.

I am personally inspired by my parents and their work ethic. As a first-generation Mexican American, I know the adversities that they have had to face to be where they are today. When they tell me their stories sometimes, I wonder if I would have as much strength and willpower to overcome everything that they have. They inspire me to fight for my dreams regardless of how difficult or unattainable they might seem.

Growing up, I never thought that I would become a fashion designer. My parents always pushed for a more traditional career and for a long time I thought that I was going to become a lawyer. I think I always knew that law school wasn't exactly where my heart was, but I thought it was a more stable career choice that would make my parents proud. I always loved creating, I remember the first time I learned to hand sew was in elementary school when I was determined to learn how to make bows so that I can give them to all of my friends. Being creative was always my way to escape from reality and dressing up always gave me confidence and allowed me to feel like I was capable of doing anything, it was and still is kind of like a shield, because when you feel good, you do good. It was not received well when I told my family that I wanted to become a designer because to them creative careers weren't the most realistic. My dad is an Accountant, I have a sister who is a Teacher and another sister who is a Doctor, so Fashion Designer doesn't fit well into that photo. I knew that choosing a "traditional" career path wasn't going to make me happy. My dad always says that the only way to truly be successful and be fulfilled in your career is to be passionate about it and designing is something I am excited about and look forward to doing every single day.