Amber Kennedy


Background of how you became a designer, why, inspired by?

I’ve been interested in fashion since I can remember. I love to express myself through clothing and stand out from others. I think of fashion as a form of art. It is very creative , expressive and can send a message. There is so much more to fashion than people think, looking deep into construction, figuring out new and innovative ways to create. There are no boundaries, no right or wrong, it is just self expression. This is why I decided to pursue it. 


What was the inspiration for your collection?

Aftermath is a collection inspired from the Australian bushfires and the impact that climate change had on this. The aim of this collection is to speak out and spread awareness of climate change in order to push for climate action. 


Why did you choose your color palette?

My colour palette is a reflection of the Australian landscape. I am using natural earthy colours inspired from the Australian landscape and the bush fires. I am using reds, browns and black. I want my collection to be dark to represent the destruction of the bushfires, but still have some depth through colour to add more dimension.


Did anything specifically move you to go with that theme, inspiration?

My collection was inspired by the Australian bushfires and the loss and destruction that came with it. It led me to look deeper into the effects of climate change as this was the main cause of the bushfires. I have always been very passionate about climate action. It is our responsibility to make a change now, as the earth cannot do it for itself.