Walid Belghali


The Journey

In Greek culture, teenagers would become adults by going through an initiatory journey. Such a journey that is more than a simple trip. It allows for self-discovery, awakening and a better understanding of others and of themselves. In Homer’s tales, Telemachus, had to go after his father by sea, in order to save his mother. Our modern initiatory journey is a bit different, but it also starts by traveling by water. Our hero leaves his hometown, a big and vibrant city, which he loves, but doesn’t feel happy being there. He is kind of melancholic, and wonders where that river would take him. One day, he listens to his heart, and follows this river on a journey. An adventure that will hopefully lead him to Ataraxia, which is a state of mind that can be described as the absence of trouble. The true happiness. However, to reach his destination, he must exit the concrete jungle he is in. Then, to go through wild and mysterious lands, a sea of monsters and finally reach Ataraxia, where he was moving from west to east.

About Me

I was born and raised in Paris, I studied a year in Shanghai, and I am pursuing a master’s degree in management. I came to San Francisco to study for a semester. I had previous work experiences in the fashion industry and I wanted to further it by taking an advanced apparel design class because studying solely business seemed boring. I studied business, but during my first year in business school, I decided that I wanted to learn sewing and I wanted to work in the fashion industry. I love the relationship with the product and how we can create anything with our imagination. I’m not really into trends, but designing is such a fascinating process. You take something that talks to you, that has a story and you manage to translate it into a garment. That’s art, that’s magic. Now that I see the world with the eyes of a designer, everything seems fascinating. Also, all of my models were great. Sadly Covid-19 happened and I had to go home, so I have created a collection for myself, called The Journey. My inspiration comes from a simple fact, humans love to be near bodies of water. It affects our moods and emotions. We have always had a complex relationship with water, seeing it as a source of life, as a resource, as a deity and we also have always projected it onto our fears.

I wanted to explore this theme through 4 aspects that I find the most interesting: water and emotions, water and humans, water and monsters and water in Japanese aesthetics. I watched “Next in Fashion” on Netflix, which was a great way to see the process of creation, and I tried to do the same. I’ve always been fascinated by water, so I thought, why not go all the way in this direction. Again, fashion is not my major, so I am not so interested in trends, nor am I a big fashionista. I live in Paris and I see people around me dressing a certain way, who have high standards, which kind of influenced me and it is probably why I didn’t go for crazy colors. Anyways, I was excited for this year’s runway show! I begged Dr. Dorie to take me in her class as soon as I heard what this class was about. It was a big step for me, I never did any draping or pattern making and I love challenges, but it was terrible when I heard the news of the cancellation. It was one of the highlights of my semester abroad. But overall, I felt mostly bad for my classmates. It’s their graduation project, and I could see it was a blow for them. As far as the new digital format, I believe that It can be fun and interesting to develop new skills. The Fashion industry has not yet been disrupted by technology. Maybe it’s the right time?